The Hectic Podcast

Generational wealth with Satta Hightower

February 28, 2022 Darryl Kelly / Satta Hightower Season 3 Episode 304
The Hectic Podcast
Generational wealth with Satta Hightower
Show Notes

If you look up the word “capable” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Satta Hightower, my guest this week. A gift storyteller, she has spent the last eight years building a thriving freelance content marketing business that is creating a foundation for her family’s future. Though she stumbled upon freelancing accidentally, she has successfully QUADRUPLED her income through her business. 

Satta shows us how to achieve great things, seek a spectrum of perspectives, and focus on the important things - all while finding a balance that ensures joy in every area of life.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. About Satta’s love of storytelling and its roots in her cultural heritage.
  2. Why done is better than perfect, particularly when overcoming creative blocks in your craft.
  3. How two layoffs in five years birthed her powerful freelance business.
  4. The changes she’s seen from her early days of independent creation to her approach today.
  5. The ways that fighting to build generational wealth for her family gives purpose to her work.
  6. Why she believes wealth building and freelancing are linked, especially in regards to income streams.
  7. How Satta is being inspired to nurture her creativity, mind, body, and spirit through the women she admires.
  8. About her dream to explore life, culture, and multi-faceted black stories through her millennial perspective.
  9. About her experiences as a dynamic, successful, first-generation Liberian-American woman, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and neighbor.
  10. Why it’s so important to embrace and promote a variety of perspectives and stories in our work, media, and communities.