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Stay positive with Melanie Aksamit

April 11, 2022 Darryl Kelly / Melanie Aksamit Season 3 Episode 309
The Hectic Podcast
Stay positive with Melanie Aksamit
Show Notes

Melanie Aksamit is proof that it’s not when you start, but how you do it that matters. She joins this week to give us a peek into her world and work as a special effects makeup artist. With projects such as Stranger Things and Insidious under her belt, you would never guess that she’s only been working in the industry for 8.5 years.

Dive into Melanie’s undeniable passion for her work as she shares the roots of her love of monsters, makeup, and special effects. You’ll also learn why she waited until her late 20s to pursue this dream and how this timeline affected her journey. Join me to celebrate Melanie’s success and marvel at the life-changing experiences that can happen in Nebraska.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How her father’s love of old monster movies inspired her passion for special effects makeup.
  2. Why a trip to Nebraska led Melanie to quit her job waiting tables and enroll in special effects makeup school when she was 29.
  3. What she appreciates about finding her path later than usual and what she wishes was different.
  4. The surprising items that you can find in her kit, including one particularly odd item with an unusual purpose.
  5. How a personal connection helped Melanie break into the industry and how she still relies on relationships to find new work.
  6. The realities of working your way from a shop runner to a special effects artist.
  7. About some of the amazing projects she’s worked on and people she’s met.
  8. Why it’s important to celebrate the effort you put into your journey, even if you need the right connections to reach some milestones.
  9. That a positive attitude can mean more for your success than your skills in any industry.
  10. How to celebrate yourself and others for doing big things and sticking with the journey.

Find Melanie on her website and on Instagram.