The Hectic Podcast

We all win with Neosha Gardner

May 16, 2022 Michelle Lee / Neosha Gardner Season 3 Episode 314
The Hectic Podcast
We all win with Neosha Gardner
Show Notes

Our final guest this season is the one Michelle has been most excited about. Neosha Gardner is an incredible creator and problem solver who never lets an idea pass her by. Whether she is developing a resource platform for fellow homeschool moms or starting a stock photo site that focuses on melanated women, she is always looking for ways to offer a better solution.

Join Michelle as she explores the roots of these problem-solving pursuits. You’ll discover the power of self-activation and the benefits of chasing every idea you’re given.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. About the first problem Neosha can remember solving.
  2. How she is intentionally finding ways to help others through the things she loves (and what those many, many things are).
  3. The varied job and educational experiences that pushed her to pursue entrepreneurship.
  4. What helped her move from creating $10 business logos to building websites, making YouTube videos, and running a beauty and lifestyle blog.
  5. Why hating to take her own photos for the blog led her to create a stock photo site where she…takes photos for everyone else.
  6. How a simple Facebook post revealed the desperate need for stock photos of black women.
  7. The clever ways Neosha leveraged this post to build an audience for the stock photo site she launched, CreateHER Stock.
  8. Why she will never be someone who wishes she had pursued an idea, embracing a perspective that offers the perfect way to beat imposter syndrome.
  9. About the new shop she’s launching for CreateHER Stock and the suggestions to charge more that led to it.
  10. How you can support other creators who are building their own problem-solving resources.

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