The Hectic Podcast

Permission with Brittany Charboneau (The Funny Runner)

October 11, 2021 Darryl Kelly / Brittany Charboneau Season 2 Episode 213
The Hectic Podcast
Permission with Brittany Charboneau (The Funny Runner)
Show Notes

For Brittany Charboneau, life is about being present in the moment and finding joy in even the smallest things. Even as she has run in some of the country’s biggest races, including the 2020 Olympic trials, she has focused on enjoying every second, keeping a positive outlook, and being wholly her genuine self. She joins me today to talk about her journey to authenticity, what she’s learned since she started pursuing running full-time, and how she combines her love of comedy and running in her brand, the Funny Runner.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Brittany’s journey to embracing the pink-wearing, glitter-loving, Broadway-show tune-singing road runner that she is.
  2. How she used permission from others regarding her authenticity to give herself the confidence to embrace it.
  3. The lessons about understanding and pursuing your genuine self that she tries to give to the kids and adults she coaches.
  4. Brittany and Darryl’s favorite Hamilton songs, plus what we can learn from them.
  5. What Brittany does to prepare mentally for big races, including her upcoming Boston Marathon run.
  6. Why she began focusing on being present and grateful for her running experiences over just reaching her running goals.
  7. How and why she is putting imposter syndrome to the side rather than fighting with it.
  8. The reasons Brittany stops to pick up all of the loose change she sees.
  9. What we can learn from little things that add up over time, even if they’re just pennies.
  10. The things she hopes to accomplish by the time she’s an old lady.