The Hectic Podcast

(B)ring It with The Rocky Mountain Ringers

November 15, 2021 Darryl Kelly / The Rocky Mountain Ringers Season 2 Episode 218
The Hectic Podcast
(B)ring It with The Rocky Mountain Ringers
Show Notes

Do you have easy access to YouTube? In about 40 minutes, you’re absolutely going to need it.

This week, Michelle arranged a visit from some of my personal heroes: The Rocky Mountain Ringers. As a handbell player, getting to indulge in and share my passion for this instrument with group members Amy and Jeff was an incredible experience. We’re all about pursuing your dreams and passions at Hectic, so I hope you’ll be as inspired by this conversation as I was.

(And I’m not kidding about YouTube. After listening, you will just have to find a handbell performance to experience the magic for yourself.)

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How my ultimate dream led to this conversation.
  2. Why handbells and the time I spent in a handbell choir as a teen hold such a special meaning for me.
  3. About the complexity and teamwork involved behind the scenes in every performance.
  4. The reasons playing the handbells requires you to be fully present and focused in the moment.
  5. Plus, how this unique headspace offers freedom and space from the stresses in your life.
  6. How the Rocky Mountain Ringers are using COVID-caused changes to introduce more people to the beauty of the instrument.
  7. What entrepreneurs can learn about making mistakes from playing the handbells.
  8. Why Amy wants team members who will let her grow and learn through challenges while also having her back when needed.
  9. The many reasons this surprise and conversation were so incredible to me.
  10. Why being passionate and sharing what you’re passionate about can help you bring people up with you on your entrepreneurial journey.